Castaways FAQ

Here are a few of the more common questions and what not.  Have a suggestion for the FAQ?  Then please let me know.

The FAQ covers the following questions:


What is Ultimate? What's the UPA? <top>

Ultimate is a team sport in which the goal is to advance (by throwing) a "Frisbee" downfield and pass it to a teammate in the end-zone. For a more detailed description, check out the Ultimate Players Association (UPA) web site. The Ten Simple Rules is a good place to start.

What's BUDA and BUDASCL? <top>

BUDA is the Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance.

BUDASCL is the "Summer Club League" section of BUDA. The Castaways are a team in BUDASCL. Like all of the BUDA leagues, BUDASCL is co-ed.

What's a typical Castaway's Practice Like? When are they? etc.  <top>

Practices do not have a rigid format due to the laid back nature of the team in general. Even the starting time is a bit fuzzy due to the various traveling distances of the team members.

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday in Chelmsford and when games start we typically drop the Thursday practice and replace it with a game.

Most folks show up about 6pm.

When folks arrive at practice I strongly encourage them to

  1. Do an easy (subjective) lap around the field area.
  2. Stretch all the major leg muscles and any other muscles/joints that are important to you. :-)
  3. Practice throws whilst we wait for critical mass. It's a good idea to not just practice forehands, backhands, etc. but also pivoting, faking, arching the disc (normal and "inside out") and leading your receiver.

Most often practice consists of scrimmaging and drills. Occasionally a "chalk talk" is done. If you have a topic you'd like covered "chalk talk" please let me know. Previous topics include: basic stack offense, defeating a zone defense, executing a zone defense, and "poaching".

What do I bring to practice/games?  <top>

Will a practice or game be canceled due to weather?  <top>

This comes up a lot and the answer is: "I have no idea!" This being New England the weather changes faster than I can send mail saying "It's sunny in Nashua, anyone know what it's like at the field?".

Keep this in mind though: A light to moderate rain won't stop a game unless

Fortunately for us the Chelmsford field drains extremely well and even after several days of rain will be playable after several hours without precipitation (a bit longer in the early spring). It can rain all day, clear up at 5:00, and Chelmsford is good to go at 6:00.

So, on inclement days each team member has to make a judgment call as to whether it is worth their while to brave the weather in hopes that they'll get some disc time.

I've never been to an Ultimate Tournament. What's the end of season tourney typically like? What should I bring? <top>

The BUDASCL end of season tourney breaks the 80 or so teams currently in the league down into divisions based roughly on their performance during the regular season.

Each division (e.g. 1 through 4) is further divided into pools of (a hopefully equal number of) teams.

On the Saturday of the tourney each team plays each other team in their pool. Depending on the division and number of teams in the pool each game could be to 15, 13, or 11 points but other than that normal BUDASCL rules apply.

A cut off point is established for which teams will advance to Sunday's play (e.g. top two teams from each pool). Sunday play is normally single elimination format.

Things to definitely bring...

Things to consider bringing...